Through the first 52 years of the Proviso West Holiday Tournament, a total of 105 teams have advanced to the State Tournament.  Teams that advanced to the Sweet Sixteen round during the single class system and two Class system and teams that advanced to Elite Eight round in the four class system are considered to have advanced to the state final round.  A record six different teams advanced as Sweet 16 qualifiers during the 1998-99 campaign.  Proviso West Holiday Tournament teams won back-to-back-to-back state championships on two different occasions -- during the 1967-1970 seasons and again from 2007-2010.  With 15 state champions, the Proviso West Holiday Tournament remains as one of the best regular season preparations for success in state tournament play.

Year Team Holiday Tournament Finish State Tournament Finish
1964-1965 East Leyden Consolation Semi-Finalist Sweet Sixteen
1967-1968 Evanston First First
1967-1968 Lyons Township Quarterfinalist Sweet Sixteen
1968-1969 Proviso East First First
1969-1970 Lyons Township First First
1971-1972 Lyons Township First Sweet Sixteen
1972-1973 Elgin First Elite Eight
1972-1973 Proviso East Quarterfinalist Sweet Sixteen
1973-1974 Elgin Second Sweet Sixteen
1973-1974 Proviso East Fourth First
1974-1975 Proviso East First Elite Eight
1975-1976 Morgan Park Second First
1977-1978 Saint Joseph First Second
1977-1978 Westinghouse Quarterfinalist Elite Eight
1978-1979 Barrington Third Sweet Sixteen
1978-1979 New Trier West Quarterfinalist Sweet Sixteen
1978-1979 Westinghouse Quarterfinalist Sweet Sixteen
1978-1979 Benet Academy Consolation Champion Third
1979-1980 New Trier West Second Sweet Sixteen
1980-1981 Lyons Township Second Sweet Sixteen
1980-1981 Proviso East Third Second
1980-1981 Westinghouse Consolation Champion Third
1981-1982 Saint Joseph First Elite Eight
1981-1982 Benet Academy Quarterfinalist Elite Eight
1982-1983 Saint Joseph Second Elite Eight
1982-1983 New Trier Quarterfinalist Sweet Sixteen
1982-1983 Benet Academy Consolation Champion Elite EIght
1983-1984 Saint Joseph Fourth Fourth
1984-1985 Simeon Third Elite Eight
1985-1986 Martin Luther King First First
1985-1986 Saint Joseph Third Elite Eight
1986-1987 New Trier Second Sweet Sixteen
1986-1987 Martin Luther King Fourth Second
1986-1987 Evanston Consolation Semi-Finalist Sweet Sixteen
1986-1987 Saint Joseph Consolation Quarterfinalist Third
1987-1988 Saint Joseph First Sweet Sixteen
1987-1988 Evanston Fourth Elite Eight
1987-1988 Rockford Boylan Fifth Sweet Sixteen
1988-1989 Thornridge First Elite EIght
1988-1989 New Trier Second Elite Eight
1988-1989 Rockford Boylan Consolation Semi-Finalist Sweet Sixteen
1989-1990 Westinghouse Sixth Sweet Sixteen
1989-1990 Bloom Fifth Place Semi-Finalist Elite Eight
1990-1991 Proviso East First First
1990-1991 Westinghouse Fifth Sweet Sixteen
1990-1991 New Trier Consolation Semi-Finalist Sweet Sixteen
1991-1992 Proviso East First First
1991-1992 Westinghouse Third Third
1991-1992 Thornridge Sixth Sweet Sixteen
1992-1993 Proviso East Second Elite Eight
1992-1993 Westinghouse Third Sweet Sixteen
1993-1994 Martin Luther King First Sweet Sixteen
1993-1994 Westinghouse Second Elite EIght
1993-1994 Lyons Township Third Third
1994-1995 Farragut First Elite Eight
1994-1995 Saint Joseph Consolation Finalist Sweet Sixteen
1995-1996 Westinghouse First Third
1995-1996 Proviso West Second Sweet Sixteen
1995-1996 New Trier Fifth Fourth
1996-1997 Deerfield Fifth Sweet Sixteen
1996-1997 Fenwick Fifth Place Semi-Finalist Sweet Sixteen
1997-1998 Martin Luther King Third Sweet Sixteen
1997-1998 Fenwick Fifth Elite Eight
1998-1999 Saint Joseph Consolation Champion First
1998-1999 Martin Luther King Sixth Third
1998-1999 Schaumburg Fifth Place Semi-Finalist Fourth
1998-1999 Hillcrest Consolation Finalist Elite Eight
1998-1999 Westinghouse First Sweet Sixteen
1998-1999 Thornridge Third Sweet Sixteen
1999-2000 Westinghouse First Second
1999-2000 New Trier Fourth

Elite Eight

2000-2001 Schaumburg Fifth Place Semi-Finalist First
2001-2002 New Trier Second Fourth
2001-2002 Farragut Fifth Sweet Sixteen
2001-2002 Proviso East Fifth Place Semi-Finalist Sweet Sixteen
2002-2003 Glenbrook North Fifth Place Semi-Finalist Third
2002-2003 Evanston Consolation Quarterfinalist Fourth
2002-2003 Von Steuben Consolation Champion Elite Eight
2003-2004 Homewood-Flossmoor First Second
2003-2004 Von Steuben Third Elite Eight
2004-2005 Glenbrook North Consolation Champion First
2004-2005 Homewood-Flossmoor Third Sweet Sixteen
2004-2005 Proviso East Fifth Sweet Sixteen
2004-2005 New Trier Consolation Finalist Sweet Sixteen
2005-2006 Homewood-Flossmoor Second Sweet Sixteen
2005-2006 Glenbrook North Fifth Elite Eight
2005-2006 Proviso East Consolation Finalist Sweet Sixteen
2006-2007 Saint Joseph First Sweet Sixteen
2006-2007 Evanston Fifth Place Semi-Finalist Sweet Sixteen
2006-2007 Hillcrest Fifth Place Semi-Finalist Sweet Sixteen
2007-2008 T.F. North Consolation Quarterfinalist Elite Eight
2007-2008 Evanston Consolation Champion Third
2007-2008 Marshall Third First
2008-2009 Whitney Young Third First
2008-2009 Glenbrook North Fifth Place Semi-Finalist Elite Eight
2009-2010 Hillcrest Consolation Champion First
2009-2010 Whitney Young First Second
2011-2012 Proviso East First Second
2011-2012 Rockford Auburn Third Third
2011-2012 Hillcrest Fifth Third
2012-2013 Morgan Park First First
2012-2013 Stevenson Fourth Second
2012-2013 Proviso East Second Fourth
2012-2013 Crespi Carmelite (CA) Consolation Champion Final Four
2012-2013 New Trier Sixth Elite Eight

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